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This week we share our LIVE DENTAL ADVICE EXPERIENCE from Voices of Dentistry.  What a great meeting and a great experience.  Make it a goal to attend VOD 2020!    Advice starts this week with three audience questions.  Randy wants to know how to properly execute the Seattle Protocol.  His fired team keep coming back for more Houska!    Craig asked about an awkward situation with his cute, young, conservative hygienist and a Ukranian female patient  who is obsessed with her.  Watch out for a stiletto to the temple, Craig!    Missy asks about a “trollop” who keeps hitting on her dentist husband.  What does trollop mean?  Tune in to find out!    We have two AMAZING Reddits this week.  One about a young man who wants to be a dentist for all the WRONG reasons.  Don’t think with your little head, son.    Our final Reddit showcases a dude who made his own denture.  Does a vibrating line matter?  Eh, probably not.    See you at VOD next year!!!