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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the WI Crew.  Josh and Lance celebrate the season with a review of some wonderful products in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.  Anyone need a bluetooth speaker to listen to the show?  Have we got one for you!     Advice this week comes from three, count em, three Reddit questions.  Question 1 involves a NAUGHTY question for dentists.  I mean, its just so NAUGHTY!  You are not going to want to miss how NAUGHTY this question is.  Are you tired of hearing the word NAUGHTY?  I thought so.  NAUGHTY.  There.  Done.     Question 2 asks the eternal question…how much is it worth to you to NOT brush your teeth.     Finally, we end on a question involving a NAUGHTY dentist who cheats at golf.  Peace on Earth, good will towards all the WI fans!!!!  Enjoy the Holidays, everybody!