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WI are LIVE!  Josh and Lance travel to Indianapolis for the Principles of Practice Management Summit by Dental Economics.  What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Chris Salierno returns!  He shares wisdom (kinda) about the Principles of Practice Management summit.  Missed this year?  Dumbass.  Make it a plan for next year.

Chris helps answer the question about asshole dentist employers that change the production and totally screw your paycheck.  THEY did the implant placement. YOU only did the final restoration.  CLEARLY you suck and deserve nothing.  What do you do?  Do YOU know BDE?

Next, do you NOT hire a person due to a tongue piercing?  What is YOUR method for interviewing?  Are cavity searches no longer “a thing”?

Next, Matt Winstead from Oral Arts dental lab joins us and talks about their fellacio appliance.  It is a REAL practice builder.  And have you done a Maryland bridge lately?  Neither have I…. How do you handle VIRGINS (teeth) How do YOU cement it temporarily? 

Do you print your dentures?  Awesome (you’re a freak)

How is your Tour de France prediction?  Come on…  It’s Froome….

Finally, Andy Tran helps with our Reddit! question.  When was the last time your patient complained that you killed them?  Damn…  If I had a nickel…..


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