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This week, Lance must answer for his former people’s crime of a product called Funeral Potatoes, which is the most morbid side dish ever.  Josh patches up some previous discussions about bonding agents and rappers whose name he doesn’t know how to say properly. 

Advice kicks off with an incredibly awkward social situation that makes Josh want to hide in a corner and cringe constantly.  Lance and Josh try to dance around the PC implications of this question and not enrage a portion of the population. 

Faye asked a question about how to deal with an assistant that is screwing up her stuff.  We all know what Lance’s solution would be.  Josh, as always, takes his leadership cues from Greg Popovich, the surly coach of the San Antonio Spurs. 

Reddit gives us a little gem this week about an itchy tooth.  Would Preparation H work?  What does it taste like?  Cool mint, I bet.  Flavor blasted!!!!